Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sea Nymph / Nereid Dramatic Makeup

If there's one style of makeup that I'd have to pick as my favourite, it's anything dramatic and bold. Theatrical, full-face, eye-catching and GLITTER oh my goodness glitter, I'm a huge fan of the daring and bright looks. It was no surprise that I took advantage of the mythical beings and legends contest that MissChievous on YouTube held back in October. The challenge was to create a dramatic look inspired by a mythical creature or legend of your choice, and after doing some research I decided on channeling a sea nymph, or nereid as they are formally called in mythology. Lots and lots of blue facepaint, glitter and eyeshadow later this was the look I came up with:

Oh and of course, can't forget the crazy contacts! :)
Although I didn't win the contest, I did manage to make it into her honorable mentions! That alone made my day.
I'll be sure to post more bold looks soon. Take care!
Till next time <3


Anonymous said...

Your entry is gorgeous. I wanted to enter that contest too but I had no time ;(

Sarah. said...

So gorgeous :D

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