Monday, February 28, 2011

Favourite Finds of February!

Hey guys! I've decided to start a new feature on this blog, called Favourite Finds. Put simply, I'll be showcasing unique, interesting and eye-catching items that I've discovered here and there. This will be published at the end of each month and will feature anything from makeup to clothing and everything in-between! On a side note, this won't include only items I've purchased already - Just a list of some amazing brands/products/etailers that I think deserve mentioning :)
So, let's get onto the goods! Keep reading to find out my February Favourite Finds :)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Anticipating Spring: Shimmery Green Smokey Eye

I've never liked winter. There's so many factors to the chilly season that I just do not enjoy: the snow and icy weather, how it gets dark incredibly early in the evenings, power outages and the COLD, above all the cold. Being cold is one of the worst feelings in the world to me (granted I like to feel chill in the summer, as second on that list of Worst Feelings Ever is hot/humid weather) so you can imagine how much I "enjoy" being a Canadian for about 5 months a year.
And oddly enough I'm a December baby :P
Around this time of year I start to really feel the drag of winter's chill, and wish more than ever for spring to finally arrive and melt the snow already. Dreaming of green grass, the smell of a fresh April rain and flowers sprouting keeps me positive, though. Thus was the case when I created this shimmery green eye look. This colour is so amazing, having almost a duo-chrome effect. I applied it to a dark brown base to really warm up this emerald shade, and blended it out to create a smokey, wearable eye that pretty much screams springtime.

More photos and product list after the jump! :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Purple Haze: Using lace to achieve a unique effect

I think by now the trick to using fishnet along with eyeshadow/pigments to create patterns on the skin is old news, at least to most. What's new to me, however, is the idea of using lace instead to make floral or decorative patterns instead. I played around with some smokey purple shades from my 88 Coastal Scents palette and experimented with two different styles of lace to achieve this look here:
Keep reading for more pics :)

Sea Nymph / Nereid Dramatic Makeup

If there's one style of makeup that I'd have to pick as my favourite, it's anything dramatic and bold. Theatrical, full-face, eye-catching and GLITTER oh my goodness glitter, I'm a huge fan of the daring and bright looks. It was no surprise that I took advantage of the mythical beings and legends contest that MissChievous on YouTube held back in October. The challenge was to create a dramatic look inspired by a mythical creature or legend of your choice, and after doing some research I decided on channeling a sea nymph, or nereid as they are formally called in mythology. Lots and lots of blue facepaint, glitter and eyeshadow later this was the look I came up with:

Oh and of course, can't forget the crazy contacts! :)
Although I didn't win the contest, I did manage to make it into her honorable mentions! That alone made my day.
I'll be sure to post more bold looks soon. Take care!
Till next time <3

Monday, February 14, 2011

Bright Blue using Sugarpill's "After Party"

I love love LOVE Sugarpill eyeshadows. They're intense, rich, and incredibly pigmented. As well, they carry only the brightest, boldest and "Oh wow, pretty!" colours I adore. At some point in the near future I hope to write a full review of their eyeshadows, but for now a little blue to brighten up your day!
I created this look using Sugarpill's After Party. After Party is a shocking electric blue shadow that is very intense. It applies very evenly and blends superbly, and provides that bright pigment payoff that Sugarpill is famous for.  I only wish I was able to get more than one picture before my camera died, cause I love the way this turned out!

Products used:
- Too Faced Shadow Insurance
- NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil - Milk
- MAC Eyeshadow - Gesso
- Sugarpill Eyeshadow - After Party
- 88 Coastal Scents Palette
- Maybelline Line Stiletto liquid liner
- NYX Doll Eye mascara - black

On a side note, the double-wing I created at the corner of my eye reminds me of a fish tail. Haha!
Check out Sugarpill Cosmetic's online shop here, or visit their Facebook page by clicking here.
Till next time :)

Anti-Valentines Day Look

I'm a definite lover...In most cases, of course. I've never hated the idea of Valentines Day nor have I ever been "anti-Valentine"myself. In all honesty if anything I find the idea of the once-a-year day devoted to love and admiration to be quite silly. In my opinion we should be able to express our addiction to chocolate adoration for our significant other everyday of the year.
Unless you're married, then you could use the break. :P
Regardless, when I found out about a contest that Glamour Doll Eyes was hosting, I decided to take advantage of the opportunity to try a look inspired by my own interpretation of something anti-Valentines Day. I wanted to create something smokey and bold, primarily using bright reds and a dark crease colour. I wouldn't call this look wearable, but it definitely screams "anti-Valentines" to me.

Products used:
- Too Faced Shadow Insurance
- NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil - Milk
- Sugarpill Love+
- 88 Coastal Scents palette
- Maybelline Line Stiletto liquid liner
- Maybelline Full n Soft mascara

The contest has closed already and although I didn't win I definitely had a lot of fun creating this look.
If you're interested in learning about Glamour Doll eyeshadow or would like to make a purchase of your own, you can visit their online shop by clicking here. As well, if you're interested in trying out Sugarpill you can visit their shop by clicking right here!
See you next time, and Happy Valentines Day <3

First post of many to follow

Hello and welcome to my first attempt at a blog. I hope my crazy tendencies don't scare you away. Hehe :P
I've always been an incredibly creative individual, yet never truly understood how to express myself through it.
Over the past few months, makeup has become the creative outlet that I've been searching for, and I'm constantly learning and practicing new techniques. As I progress and grow from my trials and (sure to be many) tribulations, I'll keep you updated with pictures and even videos from time to time.
If nothing else I hope you will enjoy what I have to offer, and perhaps learn a thing or two along the way.
Thanks for visiting!

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